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PSU-200 Gamer Power Supply

With blue light

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PSU-200 Gamer Power Supply

With blue light

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Power up your Game

The efficiency of Vorago's Power Supply 200 allows you to get the most out of power while protecting your equipment from overheating, power surges, or short circuits.


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Its powerful fan with wide grilles, keep the source at the optimum operating temperature, in addition to giving a touch of color and lighting.

A detachable power cord that allows a connection advantage, easily replaceable.

115/230 Volt Switch to suit your specific voltage requirements.

The internal cables are protected by a mesh that in addition to keeping them, organized offers a specialized look.

Its black color gives it a covert advantage within your equipment making it look more intimidating.

1 STG guarantee
600 W STG
Illuminated STG body
STG shielded cables
Reinforced STG cable

Es buenicima, el aspecto es genial y se ve bien en cualquier pc ademas de su poder. La recomiendo mucho

Muy buena fuente, tiene buenos acabados y es de buena calidad, solo si la piensan comprar corroboren que la medida de los cables sea la de su pc porque para gabinetes grandes necesitarían extensiones. Si fuera el caso mejor opten por una Game Factor

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